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Many business owners are busy with building websites, doing search engine optimization or running paid ads on social media, are you one of them?

Have you ever thought of before you jump into those, you need to first have a strategy on how it all shall work.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. What should you do with all the traffic that are coming in?
  2. How to turn them into leads?
  3. How to convert all those leads into customers?
  4. How to sell more to these newly acquired customers and make them keep buying from you?

In this course, you are going to learn how to create a strategy based on marketing funnel and:

  1. Create a lead magnet to capture leads effectively.
  2. Create a tripwire offer to encourage the leads to make their first purchase.
  3. Create a profit maximizer to get your customers to buy more from you!

Lets get started!

Topics for this course

11 Lessons04h

Module 1 – Digital Marketing Funnel

1.1 What is Digital Marketing Funnel4:35

Module 2 – Lead Magnet

Module 3 – Tripwire

Module 4 – Profit Maximizer

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About the instructor

I am a Certified Trainer by HRDF Malaysia and has been conducting training regarding digital marketing strategy, digital marketing analytics, email marketing, search engine marketing & social media marketing for corporate clients as well as public trainings.

I hold a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland. I am also a Facebook Blueprint Certified Digital Marketing Associate and obtained my Google Ads Search Certification.

My experience includes working with local businesses & ecommerce platform in setting up digital marketing strategies, establishing brand awareness and managing on-going digital advertising campaigns.

P/S: If you would like to know more about my offline training sessions, just drop me an email at!

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