Telemarketing on Appointment Setting


In most B2B sales require to meet up with the potential client. In this course, I have used a scenario that you would be calling some cold leads that I have no prior communication or even knowledge of you or your business. And the objective is that you want to meet up with the potential client so that you could present your products or services because it is almost impossible to present your offer over the telephone. However, I am not suggesting that a sale is not possible to close over the phone, but that would be in another course. In this course, I will be focussing on setting an appointment with your potential customer

Most of the time the appointment is set through a telephone call. And if you are calling your cold leads you could be likely be hung up, and wasting that particular lead. What we want to achieve is a higher success rate of getting an appointment so that you get shot to present your product and services face to face.

So if your work involves making telephone calls and setting appointments or you are planning to do a sales job that requires you calling cold leads, then I strongly encourage you to enrol to this course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Successfully getting an appointment

Topics for this course

12 Lessons4h

Telemarketing – Appointment Setting

Module 1 Understanding your Business3:11
Module 2 Understanding Your Customer’s Business3:42
Module 3 Understanding Your Call Objective2:56
Module 4 Scripting Your Call2:02
Module 4.1 Asking for the Right Person0:49
Module 4.2 Introducing Yourself1:09
Module 4.3 Explain Your Purpose or Value You are Delivering1:45
Module 4.4 Asking for the Appointment2:07
Module 4.5 Possible Objections/Rejection1:49
Module 4.6 Ask Again or Opening the Next Door1:33
Final Work Activity0:32
Moving Forward and Conclusion1:53



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Target Audience

  • Salespeople
  • Anyone who needs to do cold call to set an appointment