Why You Should Start Invest In Employee Wellness

The correlation between wellness and performance is now undeniable, especially in an organizational setting. Unhealthy work environments are so common today which causes many employees to experience health problems, both physical & mental such as stress, anxiety, hypertension and many others.

In a survey done by the Employee Benefit News magazine, it shows 31 percent of respondents rated mental illness as the main reason for loss of productivity. With one in four adults experiencing some type of mental illness, employee wellness have become more than just about physical health.

Here are 3 reasons you should start invest in your employees’ wellness:

1. Healthy employee means higher productivity – Studies shows that companies that have employee wellness programs in place, consistently report improved employee productivity.

2. Healthy employees incur lower health costs – It is also reported that companies that take care of the wellness of their employees are able to reduce employee-related health care expenditures. The employees are also less absent from work.

3. Healthy employees build better company culture – Survey also shows that employees feel being taken care of by their employer who takes their wellness into consideration. This causes employees to value their workplace more and could positively impact the company culture.

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