Saving Cost from repetitive training

We help businesses in optimising internal training; on-boarding of new employees and other repetitive training

The Problem

Does these describe your current organisation?

What we do

We want to help businesses to address the problems most organisation face. In our solution, Synthivo is confident that


Save cost

Organisation is conducting too many internal training. Most often time will take away the employee's working time to attend - this is cost


Save Time

Many training takes more than a day and being conducted through out the year. How can we shorten this face to face training time.


On-board employee for success

Studies have shown that a properly on-boarded employees perform better and more likely stay


Knowledge bank

Learnings and knowledge are scattered around the organisation - how can we consolidate this into an asset to the company.

Who are we

Synthivo is a HR solutions and HRDF training provider. We have recently come out with our latest solution and would like to schedule a Zoom call meeting to share with you in details.

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